The EZ Lynk Auto Agent II makes it possible to re-program distance to empty calculations on the 2011-2022 Ford Powerstroke models. (Currently no coverage for GM, Dodge, or 2023 Fords).

Once the EZ Lynk is received, you will have 10 days to use the device before we change your card on file. If you receive the EZ Lynk before your tank is installed, please still recalibrate your DTE and return the unit to us. Your DTE will be off until you install the tank, but your fuel gauge will remain accurate.

EZ Lynk Procedure:

You can find a video of the process here (EZ Lynk Tank Calibration Procedure Video) or follow the written instructions below:

Locate and install Auto Agent from the Apple App Store / Google Play Store. The logo should look like this:

Account Creation:

1) Create a login:

2) Accept terms:

3) Verify email:

4) Log in, skip contact info, and tap "Let's start!":


Programming Procedure:

1) Connect the EZ Lynk to the OBD II port of your truck.

2) Turn ignition on, while keeping the engine off.

3) In the app, select Auto Agent II if prompted, click next, and connect to the EZLYNK Wifi with your phone:

4) If prompted for a firmware update, click install now and follow the on screen prompts:

5) Click the three horizontal lines in the top left to bring up the main menu, select vehicle, then select functions:

6) Select calibrate fuel tank volume, then click run:

7) Selecting the OEM tank sizing will bring up the re-sizing options. Select your new tank capacity, then click submit:

8) You should now see the following screen. If not, please contact EZ Lynk support directly at (877) 207-5530 or

The re-calibration is now complete. You can exit the app and disconnect the EZ Lynk.

Restarting the truck will now show the updated distance to empty calibration.