If your tank has a leaking sump (usually a slow drip), this is likely a result of over tightening the connection which breaks the seal with the plastic and the fitting. We can fix this by using any of the three (3) fittings listed below. Please let us know which fitting option you want, and we would be happy to send you the fitting at no cost. 

Fitting Options:

  1. Sump Plug Kit
  2. 1/2 Fuel Hose (1/2 NPT to -8 AN)
  3. 5/8 Fuel Hose (1/2 NPT to -10 AN)

NOTE: When installing the new fitting use thread sealer and tighten the new fitting until it stops. Disregard the 25 ft lb of torque spec on the side of the tank, you want to keep tightening until the fitting completely bottoms out on the tank. To install the fitting, we recommend driving the vehicle until it is close to empty and then tilting the truck on a curb to get the fuel away from the sump. You can also just let the excess spill into a couple of buckets and then refill into tank when done (be sure that the diesel stays clean if refilling into your truck).