The Issue: We have seen a few situations where the bearings go bad on one or both fans on V2 Particle Separators that mount on the roll bar which creates an annoying high pitch noise. This usually occurs after a customer has been running the Particle Separator for a while, and they notice it because the sound is much different than before.

The Solution: While the sound is most likely being generated from just one fan, you should replace both fans as it will be difficult to determine which fan is causing the issue. S&B will warranty these fans at no cost if it is within the 3 year warranty. If you were not the original purchaser or if it is out of warranty, the fans (part # AI2161-01) can be purchased for only $29 per fan. You will need 2 fans.

If the issue isn't a high pitch noise and it is just an inoperable fan, replacing just one (1) fan will resolve the matter. 

To replace fans in a V2 Particle Separator, follow the instructions found at the link below. The part number for the fans is AI2161-01. There are 2 fans per unit.