No; however, you can extend the life of an S&B dry filter by blowing it out with compressed air. We recommend using a filter wrap to keep the bugs and big stuff off the filter media. This will make it easier to blow out and will extend the life of your filter. 

How do I blow out the dry filter? 

Using compressed air, blow off the outside of the filter keeping the air nozzle moving and no closer than 6 inches to the media. This can be done while the filter is still in the vehicle. If you would like to blow it out further, remove the filter and blow it out from the inside out being careful not to concentrate the compressed air in one location in the media. 

Can I blow out a S&B Cotton (oiled/cleanable) Filter? 

Absolutely not. If you used compressed air on our cotton filters, this will separate the media and permanently damage the filter voiding all S&B warranties.