It appears that you purchased our intake (75-5043) that fits the 2007-09 Cummins and made it fit on a later model truck. While were aware that some have made the earlier intake work, this is not something that we recommend. Our new kit was specially designed and tuned for this 2010-2012 truck and using the older kit could cause significant problems with fitment, performance and could damage your vehicle.  
We released the intake (part #75-5057) that fits the 2010-2012 model years. If you installed the 75-5043 or the 75-5043D on your '10-12 truck, then you have a couple of options. 
1. Return Kit to Dealer: 
The installation instructions are clear that the earlier kit only fits up to 2009 trucks; however, you can contact your dealer and see if they will accept the return of the kit. 

2. S&B Offer to get the New Kit: 
While S&B is not at fault concerning your specific situation, we do appreciate your support of our brand and are willing to help you by allowing you to purchase the new kit for $129. According to our upgrade program, you are only allowed to upgrade if we release a new intake design that fits the same vehicle which is not the case here. With that said, we are going to make an exception in this specific case that will allow you to buy our new kit (part # 75-5057) for only $129. In order for you to take advantage of this offer, you will have to follow the same procedure we have for those utilizing our upgrade program. You can learn more on how to take advantage of this one-time offer, by clicking on 2010-12 Cummins Exchange Program.
Should you have any questions, please 909.947.0015 and then press 4 for customer service or just respond to this case.