Yes, both the 75-5028 and the 75-5062 will fit all build dates (1998-2003). In 2013, we replaced the 75-5028 with a redesigned intake kit whose part number is 75-5062.

When Ford started production of this truck in 4/98 they used the above air box design until 12/98. Ford realized after a few short months that the air box was too small not allowing enough air to get in the motor. This design caused the rubber intake tubes to collapse and the filters to be sucked into the air box. 

That is when Ford redesigned the air box design in 12/98 and came out with the replacement kit that currently runs on all 1999 thru 2003 7.3L Power Strokes. The S&B Intake Kit 75-5028 & 75-5062 will fit all build dates (1998-2003) for this truck. The reason our kits will work is because the battery tray on the new kits carries the same bolt pattern, and the inlet tube to the turbo that our kit connects to never changed in the redesign.