The Particle Separator requires very little if any maintenance depending on where you drive; however, you should check to make sure that none of the openings on front of the Particle Separators are blocked by mud or other debris each time you exit the UTV. You should also make sure the scavenge fan is operating properly. To do so, simply check to make sure the fan is still blowing out air (for about 15-20 seconds) when you turn off your UTV as this is a normal condition. If the fan is not blowing out air or the airflow seems lower than when you initially installed your system, please contact S&B tech support.

To clean your Particle Separator, review the cleaning instructions below.

During washing of your rig, we would recommend disconnecting the flexible ducting from the intake and washing with the engine off. There's still the stock air box and air filter so your engine will still be protected. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask and we will happy to assist you.