(S&B Techs should send Macro by "Part Number - Service Filter". This KB article is to help you understand how to help the customer, but you should send the macro as it has all the info and is formatted for the ticket.)


This article is related to a "Check Engine Air Filter System" light on your instrument cluster. This warning message should not be confused as a CEL or Check Engine Light, the Air Filter Life Monitoring System is managed by the instrument cluster and not the engine computer.  If the warning message is yellow, the good news is that you can disable as called out in steps 22-26 on our install instructions or by watching our video.


NOTE: It is important that you do NOT dismiss the message repeatedly as it will eventually lock and turn red which may require you to go to the dealer to get it reset. 

If your "Service Air Filter" message is already red in color you can try to clear the message by holding the center button down on the Air Filter Life page for 30 seconds, if it resets to 100% press enter again and select "Disable" from the menu and you are done.  


In some cases the message will not clear (see below), you will have to go to a GM dealer to get it reset.  This is a new feature for the truck, so many dealers aren't even aware on how to reset it, but I have have attached their own instructions below. I suggest you print this and take it with you as this will expedite what is already a very fast and easy process. You can also use the banks idash to clear code without having to go to the dealer. 

Why is this occurring?
On 19+ GM Trucks, the computer monitors the air filter with a "Air Filter Life System" which displays on your instrument panel. In our instructions, we tell you to disable this feature as since the improvement in airflow is so dramatic, it will cause this monitor to show. If you did not initially disable this feature and dismissed the "yellow" monitor multiple times, it will automatically lock and turn red which will prevent you from disabling the feature.