Buy an S&B Tank for a 11+ Ford Powerstroke. Update your DTEs for Free!
Any customer who purchases a S&B tank has the ability to order our free service
one time (*dealers note below) to calibrate their truck’s distance to empty (DTE) mileage to reflect their larger S&B tank. S&B will hold a $500 deposit (credit card authorization) on the customer’s credit card and send them an EZ Lynk Auto Agent 2.0 programmer. The customer has 10 days from receipt of the EZ Lynk to calibrate their truck and return the programmer back to S&B using our included shipping label. When we receive the programmer back, the credit card authorization is voided. If the programmer is not returned within the 10 days allowed, S&B charges the $500 authorization and will return funds once the programmer is received back. Proof of purchase for a S&B tank must be provided in order to use our free service.
*Authorized dealers may use our service multiple times

What if purchased the tank 2nd hand or not from an Authorized Dealer?
If the customer purchases a tank second hand or in any circumstance where they do not purchase the tank from an authorized dealer, we charge a $75 nonrefundable fee for the service in addition to the $500 authorization. This fee is also charged if a tank owner wants to use a programmer for a second time.

Will S&B provide this service if I purchased a competitor's fuel tank?
Occasionally, owners of our competitor’s tanks call us for this service since only S&B offers it. We will accept these orders, they will be charged the $75 fee as well. The fee should be added as a separate line item from the EZ Lynk on the order. Use “Sample Part” and change the description to “Service Fee” for the amount of $75.

Who covers shipping charges of the EZ Lynk?
S&B covers the shipping charges for both shipping and return. EZ Lynk orders ship via FedEx Ground only. If the customer requests expedited shipping (Overnight, 2 Day, etc.) to receive the EZ Lynk by a certain date, they will be responsible for the shipping charges. 

What is an EZ Lynk device?
The EZ Lynk Auto Agent 2.0 is a small wallet-size module that plugs into the OBD2 port at the base of the dashboard below the steering wheel. The module is controlled from the Auto Agent app that the customer downloads to their device from their app store. The programmer generates its own wifi signal, which you need to pair your device with in your “available wifi networks”. Here is a video showing the calibration process:”

Will the EZ Lynk work for GM & RAM Trucks?
Since DTE miles are calculated differently among vehicle manufacturers, some trucks can be calibrated while others cannot. Currently, the only vehicles the EZ Lynk Auto Agent 2.0 calibrates the DTE on are 2011-2021 Ford Super Duty trucks.
The Auto Agent 2.0 will currently not calibrate the DTE on any Chevrolet/GMC or Dodge/Ram trucks. All questions regarding application coverage for DTE calibration should be directed to EZ Lynk.

Does the actual fuel gauge need to be calibrated?
As with every S&B tank (except some Sprinter tanks. See J51 article), the fuel gauge never needs calibration to read correctly. If the fuel gauge is not accurate, that is a separate issue and should be discussed with S&B tech support. Tank fuel level is a direct measurement, while DTE is an estimated value calculated from many variables.

Click here for instructions on how to update your DTE's using EZ Lynk.